DIE LEBENDEN LEGENDEN officially started on 12/02/95
Their only existence is due to the fonk, for which they’re trained and ready to risk their
lives. They come from different musical ideologies, but their smallest and at the same time biggest denominator is the fonk. If one follows the sound of music on the so-called BORNSTREET-Ranch, their rehearsal- and living-areal, some ludicrous people can be met. That’s why the “Dortmund”s like to see
themselves as an energy collective that will open to all creative aspects. The visitor will
get the increasing feeling that something enormous is going on here.
Meanwhile DIE LEBENDEN LEGENDEN play in a fixed cast of at least 10 members, behind a rapvocalist and two female singers are drums, bass, guitar and keyboard next to percussions and just now two brasses. Not only by the amount of personalities on stage do DIE LEBENDEN LEGENDEN offer an
optical stimulus more for the audience to be dragged along by show and music.
To be part of one of their missions is a must to be able to understand their message: Keepin that fonk aLIVE!!!


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